Letter writer again shakes her head at doings of current MFPD board

Once again, I must shake my head at the doings of the current Mehlville Fire Protection District board.

Their latest: tax-decrease Proposition 1 and Proposition 2 to be placed on the April ballot.

I may not be a financial wizard, but it seems to me that to permanently decrease the district’s tax rate is not wise, unless one owns a crystal ball and can peer into the future to ensure that the Mehlville Fire Protection District will never again need additional funds.

The only reason I can think of for placing such measures on the ballot is to ingratiate oneself with Mehlville voters. This is not fiscally responsible.

I also find it interesting that today I received a letter in the mail from Bonnie Stegman, not from the entire MFPD board, detailing the glories of these propositions and the actions of the current board.

Interesting, because she is the only one up for re-election. Hmm …

Lisa Marin