Reader writes in support of Trakas; opponents should run for office


To the editor:

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a supporter of our 6th District County Councilman, Ernie Trakas. Our paths first crossed when he vigorously supported our efforts to stop the mega apartment complex at Bauer Road and Tesson Ferry.

Unlike former 6th District Councilman Kevin O’Leary, who wouldn’t return phone calls or email as our County Council water bearer for current County Executive Steve Stenger, Ernie responded with attentive listening to the citizens of the 6th District.

Now we are presented with a situation where the Democratic Clayton-based syndicate is trying to remove Mr. Trakas from his duly elected position because he won’t be a minion and stooge to further the special interest of a corrupt administration.

As a professional myself, we are not “employees” of individuals or groups that we provide our services to. The twisted definition of “employment” that Ernie’s opponents want to use does not comply with the state of Missouri’s.

I have a novel idea. For those individuals who oppose Mr. Trakas’ independent and well-thought-out voice on our County Council, I suggest an alternative route rather than using a “trumped”-up judicial remedy. It’s called the next election.

If the authentic progressive liberals in the 6th District wanted to replace Mr. Trakas, then draft a candidate and be ready for a debate of ideas and philosophies to be decided in November 2020 at the next general election.

I’ll see you at the polls, where I will be working to get our councilman re-elected.

Robert Butler