Letter shows ‘how blind and partisan’ most Trump supporters are


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
Thanks to Henry V. Taber for responding to my letter to the editor of the Call.
It demonstrates how blind and partisan most President Donald Trump supporters are. Mr. Taber, you conveniently forgot the mess that President George W. Bush left this country in before President Barack Obama was elected.
Businessmen like Trump nearly caused another Depression, and the Republican Party fought Obama throughout his presidency, so please do not act like the Democrats are the first to block policies they do not agree with.
According to you, Mr. Taber, just because dignity is not mentioned in the Constitution, it is not a requirement of the job and it is OK for Trump to support white supremacists, insult women and try to block a congressional investigation.
The president represents the United States of America to the rest of the world, a job that does require some dignity.
I was a businessman for 40 years and never treated people like he does, which creates the divisiveness that exists in our country today.
Thanks to the letter to the editor from Jeffrey F. Scherrer, who pointed out that when the press points out things that Trump says, it’s fake news, but the lies that Trump spews daily are OK.
As for Joe Mattus’ letter to the editor, did he bother to research the website that evaluated the number of lies told, or because it puts a bad light on Trump, it’s fake news?
Trump is not the “dragon slayer,” he is the dragon, a con man who plays on the fears and contributes to the number of conspiracy theories that abound in this country today.
Being a businessman is not an excuse for bad conduct. Rather he should set an example for future leaders of this country, not exploit the position of presidency for his own personal gain.
As Mr. Scherrer stated, “… Take the blinders off and see the whole picture.”
Jim Kaznica