Letter ‘over the edge and obviously phony’

To the editor:

In response to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace’s letter printed in the Feb. 10 edition, my im-mediate thought was: Open mouth, insert foot.

Yes, we know how proud you are of your children, and rightfully so.

However, we do not need to read about their accomplishments in nearly every is-sue of the Mehlville Messenger, of which you, Mr. Wallace, are the editor.

Your letter reeks of pleading to keep your position with the district. Are you afraid for your job? Remember, groveling is not becoming by any standard.

Humility goes much further.

Lastly, I just want to know if you will be working the polls on Election Day this year, handing out fliers urging people to vote for Karl Frank Jr.?

You did last year for Ms. Diekemper and Mr. Correnti. Remember, I saw you.

Simply stated, your letter was way over the edge and obviously phony.

With regard to the current school board, at least the Titanic had a band.

B. Harris