Letter demands response

To the editor:

Ms. Karen Johnson’s editorial comment — “… You get what you pay for,” published Feb. 23 — demands a counterpoint.

Ms. Johnson is certainly entitled to her opinion regarding the adequacy of educational funding in the Mehlville School District, and there could be interminable discussion regarding the correlation or lack of between spending and educational achievement.

However, Ms. Johnson’s rather loose attempt to use statistics as a buttress to Mehlville’s managerial skill is a reach.

The only implication one can draw from the median construction cost comparison is that our cost fell below the national median — nothing more.

It could be a mere coincidence that our area is a low construction cost area. I would surmise that the national median is heavily skewed upward by costs on either coast. There is only one relevant question. How does our cost per square foot match up against costs in our geographic area?

John J. Perulfi