Let’s not let Wagener into the state House

To the editor:

In the recent candidate profile in the Call, Jeff Wagener sanctimoniously claims to oppose the right-to-carry because the voters did not approve it in 1999.

Since when does Jeff Wagener care what the voters think? This is the same Jeff Wag-ener who for four years as our CountyiCoun-cil representative consistently ignored the wishes of the residents.

After campaigning on a promise of supporting night meetings for the CountyiCouncil, Mr. Wagener, upon taking office, promptly “dissed” the voters and opposed night meetings and did so throughout his four-year term.

Mr. Wagener’s performance on the Coun-tyiCouncil and his responsiveness to the residents was so poor we turned him out of office after only one term.

And this is the same Jeff Wagener who, after leaving that office, refused to turn over his constituent files to his successor, John Campisi, causing delays in resolving many residents’ problems. Jeff Wagener showed complete disdain for the needs of those residents.

Jeff Wagener — who’siside is he on? Not ours. We turned him out of the CountyiCouncil, let’s not let him into our state House.

Russell W. Dahmer

Green Park