Let’s give Lindbergh children’s dreams a chance, reader suggests


To the editor:

This is a response to the letter entitled “‘I am a dreamer also’ when it comes to school taxes” by Peter Russo in the June 7 edition of the Call. I believe it is better sometimes if some of our dreams are not realized. This is one of those times.

I know it is tempting to dream about what we would do with that extra disposable income if Lindbergh Schools cut the spending per child in half.

It is easy to be seduced by the siren call of wine, women and song. It would be easy to spend that extra money on beers with our buddies at the local bar; or place a bet on that horse that we got a good tip about; or shell out some cash to see some of those go-go dancers I hear are on the east side.

But we must resist this temptation. We must support our schools as they educate our children so that they have a chance when they get into the real world. Without a high-school degree, they will be severely hampered in this challenging job market.

Let’s give the children’s dreams a chance to come true.

Michael Nolan