Let the citizens of Iraq decide: ‘Should Americans stay or leave?’

This is a letter to President George Bush and members of Congress:

For more than four years, we have lived the battle of Iraq. From the beginning of this war we have seen our political sector be baffled by the search for an exit strategy. To the common people, the exit strategy is quite simple, a vote.

For four years, we have fought to bring freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people, now it is time to put the process to work.

A simple vote by the citizens of Iraq to answer the simple question: Should Americans stay or leave?

If we set an election in Iraq in 90 days and were voted out by a simple majority of all Iraq’s citizens, we could then leave with our heads held high knowing we were asked to leave through the democracy we brought forth and the freedom we gave their people to choose.

Please consider and don’t complicate the process and let’s bring our troops home.

Kevin D. Burris