Let people maintain their dignity by hard work, not government handouts

To the editor:

Joseph Frank, in his Nov. 14 letter, seems to think that the Internal Revenue Service should be another Christian denomination whose function is to redistribute wealth.

After 50 years of failed Great Society programs, a collapsed housing bubble fueled by government mandates to put risky borrowers into houses they couldn’t afford and the Obamacare debacle that is costing people their jobs and their insurance coverage, we apparently haven’t done enough to make things “fair.”

Christianity is not a national policy and it isn’t measured by coercing people through taxation. Who did Jesus commend as a generous giver? It was an impoverished widow who voluntarily gave her two mites to the temple, not the Roman tax collectors.

Genuine Christians try to emulate this example because of their love for Christ and his creation, not through socialized government policies.

Our nation could help people create their own wealth by reducing corporate tax rates that result in jobs moving overseas.

It could reduce its obscene spending on wasteful programs that place undue financial burdens on generations to come.

Let people maintain their dignity through their own hard work rather than subsisting on government handouts. And get the government out of the “fairness” business, since it creates more problems than it solves.