Legalized gambling a ‘debilitating distraction’

To the editor:

I wish to comment with regard to the letter from Doug Madi that was published in the Aug. 14 Call opposing a gambling casino in south county — right on, brother.

Back in the early ’90s, when casino gambling got started in Missouri, I was an avid supporter of it. I worked at the Casino Queen for its first six months of operation.

Thereafter, I was lured to a position with Station Casino. I and my several-hundred fellow employees at the time worked hard to get out a favorable vote for Casino gambling.

Missouri voters legalized casino gambling just a few months later. It was an exciting time.

During my three-and-a-half year tenure with Station Casinos, I served my employer as the administrative supervisor in the security department, administered, investigated and managed patron claims of bodily injury and property damage, and was the company’s safety coordinator when laid-off at about the time the company’s financial difficulties were coming to light.

My unique positions in the company permitted me to be involved and interact with casino patrons and the entire spectrum of employees; top management to the lowly janitor.

My experience with the casinos taught me several absolute truths: Gambling will make liars and thieves out of people who are not normally liars and thieves.

Gambling will cause many people’s lives to spin out of control financially and socially.

Gambling has an adverse financial effect on businesses in the surrounding community because many dollars normally spent at those businesses will be wasted at the casino.

South county doesn’t need a casino. Mis-souri doesn’t need another casino.

Blessed will be the day when Missouri-ans have had enough of this debilitating distraction and send it back to Las Vegas where it can harm only those foolish enough to seek it out.

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park