Landscape lighting adds value to your home

Offer a warm welcome, provide safety and security and increase the value of your property with a custom outdoor lighting design.

Homeowners spend tens of thousands of dollars on beautiful landscaping, yet only enjoy it during the day. Well-planned landscape lighting can add depth and a sense of luxury to your home.

• First, view your home and outdoor areas from the edges of your property. Consult with a landscape lighting expert.

• Decide which features to highlight.

• Soft, diffused lighting along driveways, walkways and stairs provides safety and security and welcomes guests.

• Strategically placed lighting in trees or under the eaves illuminates larger areas.

• Properly positioned ground fixtures highlight natural elements, textured walls or favorite statues.

• Conceal light sources behind shrubs or flowerbeds, if possible, so you see the effect, not the fixture.