Kolb represents ‘a fresh vision’ for MFPD, Monarch firefighter says

To the editor:

Candidate Jane Kolb, running for the Mehlville Fire Protection District board, represents a fresh vision for local taxpayers.

Politicians were presented an opportunity during the past recession to cut costs.

Public servants, teachers and firemen were villainized for having pensions and other benefits. Opportunistic elected officials cut costs by eliminating benefits.

This simplistic approach did reduce operating costs, but created the turnover that now exists at MFPD. There is no way to justify the departure of a young fireman for other departments. Mehlville has always been the host of highly qualified and experienced applicants. Let’s query how inexperienced the newest applicants are. Let’s explain why anyone 40 years old or younger would leave.

Let’s invest in our firemen as they hope to invest in us. Let’s stop politicizing their careers and benefits. I want an experienced provider who intends on spending his or her career here. Jane shares the concept of investing in our own.

Steve Kirdy