Knost ‘wouldn’t have left us in all this trouble’

To the editor:

When the highly regarded former superintendent Dr. Eric Knost left the Mehlville School District for the better-paying position at Rockwood a little over a year ago, he did so apparently confident that Mehlville School District was on sound footing administratively, academically, extracurricularly and financially — witness the state-of-the-art auditorium and awesome tennis complex opening just a couple of years ago that he was so proud of.

Suddenly we hear the Mehlville District is on the brink of collapse unless a 49-cent tax levy is passed. Well, OK, just how much will that raise my property taxes?

Based on my absentee ballot language, “… The adjusted levy of the district is estimated to be $4.2275 per $100 of assessed valuation.” Got that?  In my case, assessed valuation is $46,113, divided by 100 + $461.13 x $4.22 + $1,945.96. The current distribution for Mehlville Schools — less debt service — is $1,484.26.

Well, I’m lost, are you? If a person can’t tell what he or she’s voting for, then what?

In any case, this tax increase looks to add significantly to property taxes — $300 to $500. It looks like interventions for struggling students, training/retaining quality teachers, upgrading technology, maintenance of systems were all bypassed in favor of the snazzy new auditorium and awesome tennis court complex. I feel like I’m being hoodwinked. I’m voting “no.”

I’m trusting that Dr. Knost surely wouldn’t have left us in all this trouble. Would he?