Klund continues to question decisions made by fire-district board

To the editor:

This is written in response to the July 23 article about my failed ethics complaint against the Mehlville Fire Protection District and its Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Chairman Aaron Hilmer responded in the article by calling me a part of a “little group of harassers.”

If by paying attention to what occurs in our community and by speaking up when I see questionable actions taken by the Board of Directors, then I am guilty.

For example, promoting a fireman to captain after he quits the union and then four months later promoting him to chief of the fire district when we already have a chief. The taxpayers are now paying two chiefs at a salary package of over $125,000 a year for each chief.

There was no interview process and/or application process for the new chief of the largest district in the county. Why?

Also, our new fire chief could not be hired under the current hiring standards of this district that requires new hires to be cross-trained firefighter/paramedics.

Our new deputy chief and training officer could also not be hired under current hiring standards. I could go on, but I hope you understand my point.

This district is the largest fire district in the county. We should and could be the premier district in the county with the very best employees that are proud and feel fortunate to work for the best fire district, not threatened on a daily basis. If by supporting our firefighters and paramedics and watching how you spend money is harassing the Board of Directors, maybe you should remember you were elected — not chosen — for this position by taxpayers.

Michael Klund