June 1 completion date anticipated for Green Park Road reconstruction

Road only open to local traffic with daily temporary closures

By Staff Report

The contractor for the Green Park Road project anticipates work will be completed by June 1, Green Park Mayor Tony Konopka announced last week.

L. Krupp Construction Inc., of Ballwin, is the contractor for the project in which a roughly 6,000-foot stretch of Green Park Road from Tesson Ferry Road to Lin Valle Drive is being reconstructed. The road is being widened with two extra feet of lanes on each side to make 12-foot lanes.

Work began last spring on the road project, which originally was anticipated to be finished by the end of the year.

However, delays caused by the Missouri American Water Co. in relocating eight water mains have resulted in the expected June 1 completion of the project, according to Konopka.

Besides widening Green Park Road, a new pedestrian pathway has been constructed along the road’s north side.

The project also includes the addition of turn lanes at certain intersections, including a right turn lane for northbound traffic from Green Park Road turning onto Tesson Ferry Road.

Plans also call for eliminating drop-offs and ditches from the road and replacing them with vertical curbs on each side. Because the curbing replaces ditches on each side of the road, storm sewers have been installed across the road’s length.

Substantial grade changes are being made at the road’s intersections with Kohrs Lane, Mueller Road and Lisa Marie Court to improve sight-line visibility and provide better curb alignment.

Konopka said at the April 16 Board of Aldermen meeting that Green Park Road remains open only for local traffic with temporary closures during the day.

Officials continue to work with police, fire, school districts and residents to maintain access to homes, he said.

The funding for the Green Park Road project involves an estimated total cost of $2,631,766. A federal grant approved in 2003 by the East-West Gateway Council of Governments is providing 80 percent of the funding and the remaining $691,766 is coming from local funds.

Green Park also received a $4,000 grant from the Municipal Park Grant Commission to assist in the planning phase of the new pedestrian pathway along the road’s north side.

Aldermen voted unanimously in November 2010 to approve an ordinance selecting Krupp as the contractor for the Green Park Road reconstruction project.

The board approved Krupp’s bid of $2,159,723.33 as the lowest and best bid of the seven submitted.

Bids ranged from Krupp’s low bid to a high bid of $2.4 million.