John Kerry is exactly what this country needs

To the editor:

One of George Bush’s weakest points has always been his lack of diplomacy.

After watching the debates on Friday, Oct. 8, I was able to see quite clearly why George Bush is unable to negotiate well.

He at one point during the debate lost his temper, and even bullied the moderator, refusing to let the debate continue until he had the last word.

His “tough-guy” attitude in front of the American public from whom he is trying to win support and votes is certainly a good indicator of the bullying tactics he has used with United Nations and foreign leaders.

George Bush has proven his track record by rushing our country into a war without a sufficient amount of allies. He had a “go it alone” attitude, with little negotiating on his part; it was his way or no way. Not only will it be difficult for him to fix the mess he has made, he may lead us into yet another dilemma. We don’t need four more years.

John Kerry is a leader who will be willing to work side by side with other nations, and that is exactly what this country needs.

Janet Hennicke