Jeff Wagener ‘sorely missed’ as county councilman, reader says

There they go again. The Republicans have taken yet another cheap shot at former County Councilman Jeff Wagener — this time through John Campisi’s surrogate, former state Rep. Catherine Enz.

In her effort to defend John Campisi’s hypocritical record of pledging not to accept campaign contributions but taking them anyway, Enz makes the ridiculous claim that Councilman Wagener did not respond to constituents and did not include citizen input into development. That is simply nonsense.

While in office, Councilman Wagener initiated the 6th District Study and an update of the Oakville Study. These studies were citizen driven and the most comprehensive land-use study in years. He also instituted a 24-hour constituent hotline.

All of this in addition to his introduction of bills requiring all food handlers to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A, making road rage a crime and many others.

Councilman Campisi continues to be best known for stealing water to fill his swimming pool — twice — not paying taxes he owed to the city of St. Louis, and voting yes on trash districts.

Councilman Wagener showed class and intelligence while in office. He is sorely missed.

Ed Koeller