‘It seems you just can’t please everybody’

To the editor:

As the letter from an inmate of Ronnie Hills proves, it seems you just can’t please everybody.

The letter was so long, I first thought it was from the Big Guy, but the lack of the American flag, mom’s apple pie and all that other patriotic stuff made me realize otherwise.

Anyway, the writer, Mark Friederich, furnished a long list of gripes concerning our beloved city of Green Park.

He mentions the cul-de-sac at Marbob and Patsy. He says every time it rains, the water stands in the street. Why is that a problem? Ever heard of a wading pond? Ask the kids in the neighborhood. I’ll bet they have a grand time sloshing around in that water.

The writer complains that trees, instead of sidewalks have been added to the industrial park at the end of Kohrs Lane. Now really, which looks nicer, a plain sidewalk or a beautiful row of trees?

He says Patsy Lane is a highway that presents a danger just getting mail out of their mailboxes. Over here on Antigo, we got our own problems. We are still trying to figure out how to get onto Mueller Road without getting broadsided.

Mr. Friederich picks on our former Mayor Kuban, saying on July 4, Hizz-honor puts up flags in every neighborhood except Ronnie Hills. Remember when he was mayor and tried to put up some stupid law every day of the week? Consider yourself lucky.

One last thing. Mr. Friederich says the speed limit on Green Park Road from Kohrs to Union is 30 mph. Go the speed limit, he says and you will be honked at or cursed. That’s only by the people who are starting from Mueller Road. By the time they reach the bottom of that hill just after Clydesdale Park, they are going too fast to even think about a speed limit.

Harvey Meyer

Green Park