Is ‘God Bless America’ propaganda or hate speech? No, writer says

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Recently I ended a Facebook posting with the simple sign-off “God Bless America.”

It was sad how many hate-filled responses from total strangers that this simple and long-used phrase received.

The angry responses included, “That’s propaganda,” and “You’re using hate speech,” “Which god?” and “Stop dividing us.”

These responses were full of both hate and entitlement. It wasn’t enough to disagree with what I said — these people want speech they dislike banned.

People tell me this is “political correctness.” They are shocked when I tell them that the communist dictator Joseph Stalin came up with the phrase “political correctness.” He made it a crime to be politically incorrect.

These types of responses to such a simple phrase just as “God Bless America!” shows that November’s election was between two fundamentally opposing groups.

The side you picked on Nov. 3 will determine what America looks like. Do you want it to look like something Stalin would impose?

Bruce Raisch
St. Louis