Interstate 44 pedestrian bridge from Sunset Hills is ‘spur to nowhere’


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

If you care about preserving wildlife along the Meramec River, let the partners, team and design firm know the trail spur down from the I-44 bridge approach is not a good idea.

To preserve the pristine environment along the steep bluffs on the east side of the river in Sunset Hills, no greenway trail should be built there.

I live on Stoneywood Drive, and approaches that connect Fenton to my road in Sunset Hills are fine. But I oppose the trail spur addition underneath the bridges. It will connect to nothing.

It’s not a scenic overlook; it won’t give access to the river. It’s part of a grand plan for future expansion.

And an expanded east side greenway will harm the corridor for species who travel north and south under the bridges. It will destroy its precious natural diversity.

The beautiful bluffs are too environmentally sensitive to put a 12-foot wide, paved trail with walls along the river.

There’s already a river greenway on the Fenton side. No future east-side expansion should be considered for the approach project. Say no to this spur to nowhere.

Michael Hennon
Sunset Hills