Ineptitude on Mehlville Board of Education once again trumps trust

As a Mehlville resident, I find it offensive and disturbing that our Board of Education president would use the deeply sacred and spiritual process for selecting a Pope as an analogy for announcing our new superintendent.

You wonder how this man qualifies to be leading our school district? What a lack of sensitivity to our many Catholic families.

But this should be no surprise. This is the same inept, elitist and cavalier attitude that continues to trump progress in restoring confidence and trust in the school board.

As further evidence, turn a few more Call pages to see that the district will have major deficits as its funding reserves are depleted because of the growth in district expenses.

What isn’t said is that is because Ron Fedorchak and his board awarded a continuing, compounding salary increase that resulted in devouring our emergency reserves by $5 million this year.

How’s that for a set up to a mandatory tax increase?

Do they think Mehlville voters are so stupid that it only takes sleight of hand and manipulation to run the district?

Mr. Fedorchak’s Board of Education made this mess and I suggest we clear it out by electing a new independent and fiscally competent board.