Incorporation of Oakville would be ‘a replacement government’

To the editor:

In response to the letter to the editor published Feb. 27, I disagree with the author’s opinion that Oakville incorporation is equivalent to an additional layer of government.

As a conservative, I believe that in most cases, less government is better. But if government is not responsive to its citizens, then it is necessary for citizens to make a change. Incorporation is not an additional layer of government. It is a replacement government.

Incorporation means the citizens of Oakville will have a more prominent role in determining our land use and zoning practices.

Incorporation means that local elected officials will determine how our streets are maintained.

Incorporation means that we will have more influence over how our tax dollars are spent and ensure these tax dollars stay in the community.

Local government representatives, Oakville residents, will be more accountable and responsive to our needs. Local control is especially critical if the proposed city-county merger is approved. Then our voices will be silenced — no matter how many Oakville residents vote. Incorporation is the most logical alternative.