In letter to Lindbergh, orchestra parent praises after-school program


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

An open letter to Lindbergh Schools.

Hi, My name is Maki Randelman. Our family joined the Lindbergh family in 2012.

I was born and grew up in Japan.

All of my childhood I looked at news, movies, books, sports and saw America everywhere. Its rich culture always seemed so full of freedom.

One of my favorite 1980s songs, written by a Japanese pop band “Checkers,” was “Song for USA.” I think that this was the same for the most of the young generation in Japan back then. There is something about this country called USA.

I graduated high school and went to Israel. I spent 18 years there. Again, America was a country to look at. The security that we had in Israel, the culture, the music, Olympic Games, technology, any field that you look at, you see America.

As a person who grew up in two very different countries, America was always a country that I admired. The citizens of this country are extraordinary and successful in every field.

One year after we moved to America, we were offered to attend the string program free in the school, as a part of the school curriculum. It was an amazing opportunity.

But it made sense. This is America. The education here supports students in so many areas. No one is the same. The education is designed to offer opportunities in so many fields to enrich each child’s desire and character. The school not only tests and scores. Our school meets the needs of our children in so many areas. And I am thankful for that.

I am writing this because of the survey that went out for the orchestra program from the school district right before the winter break.

I would like to say thank you for the orchestra program that we have. I cannot imagine my household today without the music, and it is thanks to this amazing program.

But not only for this program — every sport, music and art that we have in the school is essential. It prepares the generation of people who will continue this rich culture that America already has. It meets the needs and talents of our children in so many fields.

Please keep and even enlarge the wide and rich cultural education in Lindbergh Schools.

Maki Randelman
Sunset Hills