Impeachment of Sunset Hills mayor right thing to do, reader says

To the editor:

By now, all the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen members and many of the interested public know that an anonymous person with a business interest waged a false smear campaign against the mayor and Board of Aldermen and recruited a candidate to oppose the mayor in the election last April.

The candidate-recruit had lived in Sunset Hills for 50 years, but never showed any interest in municipal government service. After seven months in office, it was still obvious to observers that he does not know how to run a meeting.

That candidate believes that the city should be run like a business. Upon election, he assumed the role of the sole proprietor of Sunset Hills, making decisions that belong to the Board of Aldermen, such as allegedly asking the police chief to resign, negotiating taxes with a local business and others. When his mistakes were pointed out, he never acknowledged his errors, and instead reacted aggressively to employees and board members.

My wife, a psychology major and a teacher/school administrator for 40 years, commented to me, “A bully never acknowledges he was wrong. Bullies consistently blame others for their behavior.”

Mark Furrer has been elevated to his level of incompetency and refuses to acknowledge that and resign.

If he is impeached, he has told us he will not go away, he will appeal to a higher court. As a bully, he will sponsor more smear campaigns against our aldermen when they run for re-election.

The board’s patient, thorough, careful process toward impeachment deserves our great respect.

Board members should be reminded that impeachment will not end the conflict. But impeachment is the right thing to do and should not be delayed, hoping he will change.