Imbalance in Call reporting no coincidence

To the editor:

I considered one suggestion (Executive Editor) Mr. (Mike) Anthony made in his opinion column in the Feb. 24 Call a good one.

“… Again place the sunset extension before voters, clearly defining how the revenue would be spent, and let them decide.”

However, when 24 paragraphs were spent in the March 3 Call harpooning (Ward 3) Aldermen (Don) Maddox and (Jerry) Miguel, whose sense of reason and restraint earned enthusiastic support of the audience at their Town hall Meeting on March 7, I found the aggressive focus disturbing.

Simply put, residents indicated in the Crestwood 2000 survey that our infrastructure was No. 1 and City Hall No. 12.

On April 5, I choose not to throw more money at a problem which has still to see the light of day.

I look for an agenda when a paper has so many paragraphs every week dedicated to picking at the bones of a town down on its luck and the two officials whose efforts are so thwarted.

So, if I have noticed an imbalance in reporting in the Call, it is not a coincidence.

Last week’s Call was no exception. It affirmed it with 28 paragraphs entitled “Mayoral Candidate Won’t Take Part in Crestwood Forum” plus an editor’s entire opinion column with the identical theme.

Aldermen Maddox and Miguel have a background of finance and business.

Certainly this plus strong constituent support is reason enough to give them honorable mention in the Call.

Likewise, for a candidate to decline a debate in a forum sponsored by a newspaper whose partiality is obvious is good enough reason for me. There will have been a total of six informational meetings in March alone without a two-man debate, plus the Crestwood newsletter dedicated to the tax increase and election, by April 5.

Seeing so much space given to stirring up dust made by two aldermen and a mayoral candidate who have the courage to challenge a defiant board raises eyebrows in such a small political arena.

But, thank you for printing the many lines between which I read.

Your persistence is omnipotent, but the jury is still out on fair and balanced.

Carol Casey


Editor’s note: The candidate forum that the letter writer refers to, in fact, would have been co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Call. The forum would have been moderated solely by members of the League of Women Voters, an organization whose impartiality we believe is beyond reproach.