House Republicans go ‘off the deep end,’ Crestwood letter writer says

To the editor:

How can I say this gently without offending anyone? I guess I can’t. So, I’ll just go ahead and say it: The House Republicans have gone off the deep end.

Their refusal to raise the debt ceiling placed our country in economic peril and threatened to throw us back into a recession.

Their actions rattled Wall Street, caused stocks to drop and made any future loans we get more expensive because of higher interest rates. By shutting down the government, they put hundreds of thousands of people out of work. Our country needs jobs, not more people in the unemployment lines.

These House Republicans represent the rich, pure and simple. They could really care less about the middle class and the poor.

And it is the middle class which is the engine that drives our economy because of its purchasing power. The rich are not special and unique and so-called job creators. They are far from it.

It is the middle class that is actually job creators because it spends money on goods and services. The rich just save and speculate and give money to politicians to protect their wealth through regressive taxation, spending less on education and health care, and breaking the back of labor unions. Progressive taxation, education and unions are the way for people to move up in society, and the House Republicans have opposed all of them.

Their actions really give us no economic or political hope at all.

We need to vote these people out of office in 2014 before they totally wreck the country.