House committee approves unlimited dogs in licensed breeding facilities

The House Agriculture Policy Committee voted Tuesday to pass a bill lifting a Proposition B restriction on the number of dogs breeders can have.

The bill repeals the restriction and lets breeders have have an unlimited number of dogs at their facility.

Under the bill, dogs would not have to be examined by a licensed veterinarian unless they have an injury or illness.

Roughly 52 percent of Missouri voters approved Prop B on Nov. 2.

Barb Schmitz with the Missourians for the Protection of Dogs says the bill essentially guts the successful ballot measure.

“It goes through and systematically undercuts every single important measure that would protect dogs, and it actually removes the protections from Proposition B and puts us back under the standards under pre-proposition B law.”

Bill Sponsor Stanley Cox, R-Sedalia says voters in his district opposed Prop B.

“There’s a really good argument that you should not take away from certainly people who do a good job of breeding animals…raising puppies. You should not take away their livelihood.”

A substitute to House Bill 131 was passed with six minor amendments, including specifications about licensed breeders. The new substitute will be sent to the House Rules Committee, who will vote to pass it onto the House floor.

Schmitz says she wants representatives to honor the voters’ wishes and not amend Prop. B so soon.

“For folks who are saying there’s some sort of mysterious problem with it, I think it’s way too early for us to know that. Let’s let it take effect. If there’s some sort of problem, then it’ll become apparent, and it can be fixed then,” Schmitz said.

– Missouri Digital News