Hotline informative; Hilmer should omit rhetoric

To the editor:

I get the feeling that if Aaron Hilmer could outsource the fire protection/EMT and teaching positions in St. Louis County that he would do it.

He is going about his job like that of a CEO in a Fortune 500 company. What is wrong with a person earning a good and decent wage followed up by the security of a fair and hard-earned pension? These earnings and pensions must be provided for as promised to keep our emergency and educational services at the level we have all been paying for and become accustomed to.

Let him cut the budget by stopping his self-fulfilling trips like that of going to Jefferson City for the hearings on the Missouri Public School Retirement System.

Was he on our county payroll the day he went to Jefferson City to bash the Missouri Public School Retirement System? What does that have to do with the Mehlville Fire Protection District? The flier that the Mehlville Fire Protection District occasionally mails out with a local paper is very informative. I only wish Aaron Hilmer would omit his one-sided political rhetoric.

Steve Wenger


Editor’s note: Aaron Hilmer says no taxpayer funds were used for his trip to Jefferson City.