Hopes Povich knows he did not write letter

To the editor:

There was a time when Mike “Grass-roots” Povich and I had great fun insulting each other in the Call’s letters section.

At least I thought it was fun until the big guy, Povich, cornered me at our friendly Schnucks store and strongly suggested I knock it off.

Knock it off I did, even after I read Mr. Povich’s impassioned letter referring to the grocery worker’s strike.

Then I read Patricia Stevenson’s letter in which she described his letter as: “The convoluted ravings of ‘Grassroots’ Povich.”

I must admit I haven’t a clue as to the meaning of “convoluted,” but if I had written a letter on the same subject — which I certainly did not — I would have loved to use that word.

I just hope Mr. Povich knows I did not write any such letter.

Harvey Meyer

Green Park