Hopes MFPD’s ‘three stooges’ can work things out with state officials

To the editor:

Look what those zany stooges are up to this week.

“Moe” Hilmer, “Larry” Ryan, and “Curly” Stegman are in hot water over their tax-rate-ceiling vote. Seems the stooges’ scribble didn’t set well with the Missouri state auditor and now Susan Montee is hot on the stooges’ trail.

That fuzzy Mehlville Fire Protection District directors’ math has us now at a new tax-rate ceiling of 16.3 cents instead of the intended 59.3 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

I missed the stooges’ math class, but in my opinion, 16 cents ain’t buying much fire protection.

Now, “Moe” Hilmer assures us that everything is OK and he’s “shocked” that this has gotten this far.

Let’s hope Mehlville’s three stooges can work this out with the state auditor and the Missouri attorney general so the good taxpaying citizens of Mehlville aren’t the ones with pie on our faces.

Scott Johnston