Hopes firefighters will start acting like professionals they are after April 5

To the editor:

Thank you Call Newspapers for helping to keep the Mehlville community well informed about what is happening in the south county area whether it is about the Mehlville and Lindbergh school districts, the Mehlville Fire Protection District or any other public entity that is spending our taxpayers’ dollars.

I was in attendance at the recent Tesson Ferry Township Republican Club’s forum for Mehlville fire board and Lindbergh school board candidates.

I couldn’t believe my ears as I listened to Mehlville fire board candidate Michael Klund, who told us that the fire district is “in a shamble” and said he would accept campaign contributions from the firefighters’ union. I recently received a telephone survey call trying to tell me how bad off the district was and questioning the accuracy of the Call Newspapers.

What is so sad is to think of all the new firehouses, equipment, EMS Training, and $100,000-plus pay packages that have been provided to district employees at taxpayer expense, and yet they are still not satisfied. And now a candidate who will accept contributions from organized labor wants to sit on other side of the table, shutting out us taxpayers.

I know that residents are in no mood to listen to our supposed “public servants” tell us how they are not being treated fairly and bad-mouthing our elected fire district board for running the Mehlville Fire Protection District and making us the best-equipped fire protection and EMS district in the greater St. Louis area. And we’re proud of our district and the personnel who work there.

It’s almost laughable to think that if this district is so bad, then why did 135 people apply for one job at the MFPD?

We the residents — taxpayers — want to admire and respect the people who serve us 24/7, but with these types of actions, lawsuits, et cetera, coming from some union personnel, it makes it rather difficult. We can only hope and pray the firefighters will start acting like the professionals they are after this coming election.

Ken Meyer


Editor’s note: Mr. Meyer is a founding member of the Mehlville Community Taxpayers Association.