Hopefully Senate stops the House’s vote on Sunshine Law changes


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

So Missouri recently saw its last elected governor resign, who campaigned saying how transparent he would be if elected. He ended up receiving record “dark money” and using message deleting apps to promote his (or their) cause. No one can be sure because of his tactics used.

Then our replacement governor, after Missourians overwhelmingly voted for and passed Clean Missouri, says he may have to look at “legislatively overriding” it because he doesn’t think we the voters know what we voted for. We actually do. And we turn out in record numbers when you fail us.

Now the Missouri House members voted to amend the Sunshine Law, all but making it impossible to ask for and see what has always been available to the public. Sadly, again, mainly along party lines.

I was hoping our newly elected 94th, 95th and 96th District representatives, one of whom I voted for, would bring some needed change to Jefferson City. It appears early in I was wrong. We the public have the right to know who is contacting our elected officials and why. We worry why you our reps would vote to hide it.

Remember democracy dies in the darkness. Hopefully the Senate will shine the light.

Kevin Schaper