‘Honest’ councilman’s only political agenda is to serve constituents

To the editor:

I am not surprised to see that there is an attempt to recall 6th District County Councilman Ernie Trakas, R-Oakville.

The Clayton establishment doesn’t know what to do with an honest councilman whose only political agenda is to serve his constituents.

County Executive Steve Stenger and company were staggered by their failure to elect a lackey to support their agenda. A recall and a new election is an attempt to bring south county once more under the control of Clayton.

I was part of the SayNo2Bauer21 gang. Thanks to Ernie’s support and guidance, we were able to stop this politically motivated — think campaign contributions — intrusion into our neighborhood.

During this campaign, I realized Ernie was the type of councilman we need to represent the 6th District in Clayton. As a result, our gang jumped on the bandwagon to get him elected.

The accusations made for the recall are falsehoods and unfounded innuendos.

Before Ernie’s election, the politically motivated plans for the McManus Construction Co. move, the Cliff Cave changes and the “Bridge to Nowhere” in Eureka had been rubber stamped and were on fast tracks for approval.

Ernie’s interference into these matters was to be sure that his affected constituents’ best interests were served.

Ernie is the representative we need in Clayton.