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Homeowner responds to those who favor proposed Dunkin’ Donuts

To the editor:

As a homeowner near the proposed Dunkin’ Donuts location, I feel compelled to respond to those who recently wrote in favor of it.

We are not opposed to business in the area, but feel that any businesses here must be a right fit. The initial proposal was to have this business run with “normal” business hours.

Only later did the developers admit they wanted a 24/7 operation and press for it.

They no doubt wish to have customers — and traffic — in and out all day — not just in the morning. This would add to the parking problems in the shopping area.

Having lived here for many years, I can attest to the high traffic level on Telegraph.

Cars entering and exiting from this location would definitely add to congestion and delays, especially because it is so close to the Interstate 255/Telegraph intersection.

The entrance and exit of this business would be very close to our subdivision, which has only one point of entry, making access very difficult.

The lighting issue is more than just headlights. Ambient light from this building would shine up to those houses on the incline behind it — possibly more than car headlights would.

I believe that the sounds from the speakers would definitely be a nuisance. It’s a different experience going to a drive-through establishment once in awhile and using their speakers to order food versus having to hear these sounds 24 hours, seven days a week next door.

As far as one business replacing another — Dunkin’ Donuts in place of Jazzercise — wouldn’t a better solution be to locate the Dunkin’ Donuts one block down at the abandoned car wash where there would be easier traffic access, farther back from the I-255 Telegraph intersection and have a net gain of an additional business instead of “dead even”?

I also bet the people who want “cake doughnuts with sprinkles and a large cup of joe” might think differently if this restaurant was next door to them and possibly reducing property values in an already-depressed real estate market.

I guess they would just have to “relax and deal with it.”

Dennis Banker


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