Holidays a time to lift people up, care a little more, Knost says

To the editor:

As we wind down the first semester in the Mehlville School District, I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.

The holidays are a time for reflection and coming together. It’s a time to lift people up, to care a little more, smile a little more, do a little more and appreciate things we typically take for granted.

As the Mehlville/Oakville superintendent, I have no trouble finding my motivation for all of this through visiting our classrooms, school activities and events.

Children give us hope for things to come, they symbolize all that is right with the world and they give us a common bond to rally around. Because of this, schools become the heartbeat of a community.

This symbolism motivates me because I thrive on unified efforts. Communities can’t prosper without good schools and schools can’t prosper without good communities.

Thanks to all of our educators, administrators and support staff for your dedication in making our schools so special. Thanks to parents and all community members for the growing unified cause to stand behind our educational efforts.

Thanks to all students for constantly giving me hope and for the opportunity to be your champion, to give you a sense of belonging and to help you thrive in this world.

For all of this, I am very grateful.

As we celebrate this season, I encourage everyone to enjoy friends and family to the fullest while finding opportunities to lift those around us who are less fortunate.

Have a very safe, restful break and look forward to much continued progress in the coming months.

Keep in mind, I’m always available to talk at (314) 467-5001.