Hilmer supporting Franz, Howard in Mehlville

To the editor:

Prior to 2011, voters in Mehlville Board of Education races were caught in a cycle of bad board decisions, such as the bloated and mismanaged Prop P, failed tax increases Prop A and Prop C, and arrogant statements like,”… The decision of this board isn’t based on how the taxpayers feel.”

This was then followed by a call for change and candidates promising reform.

Unfortunately, the people promising change ended up being more inept than their predecessors and either cowardly quit before their terms were up or were afraid to face the voters when re-election time came.

This all stopped in April 2011 with the election of Rich Franz and Mark Stoner.

Rich and Mark pulled the board back to the center and lived up to their election promises of reducing the tax rate, the size of the administration and improving the infrastructure without asking voters for more money.

Mr. Stoner is leaving on his own terms as president of the school board, and deserves to be thanked by all who live and pay taxes in Mehlville.

Rich is running for re-election with Randy Howard, a fine man who shares Rich’s common-sense views.

I would urge residents to join me in voting for Rich and Randy on April 8.

Aaron Hilmer


Editor’s note: Aaron Hilmer has served as chairman of the Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors since 2005.