Hilmer fulfills the promises he made 12 years ago

To the editor:

If you look at the end of this letter, you will not see any association with any organization.

I’m just a citizen of south county who has lived here for over 45 years, and has seen what life was like in the Mehlville Fire Protection District before Aaron Hilmer was elected to the Board of Directors 12 years ago.

Threats by the board that a tax increase was “the difference between life and death,” and increasingly generous salary and benefits for the firefighters were the norm.

I will admit that even I was skeptical that Hilmer and Bonnie Stegman could pull off what they promised, but they certainly did.

Because of what Hilmer has been able to not just promise, but to accomplish, the opposition candidates have had to resort to creating non-issues, such as this year’s contention by Jane Kolb of high employee turnover.

Once I learned that she is the wife of a Monarch Fire Protection District first responder, it all became clear.

I thank Aaron Hilmer for all the grief he has put up with over the years, and hanging tough for us.

He has my vote on April 4.