High-quality iron or steamer a must for those who sew

Does your mother have the passion for sewing and ironing?

The chances are good that someone in your life has a penchant for sewing or do-it-yourself projects.

More than 30 million women sew in the United States, according to the American Home Sewing and Craft Association. If your mother is among this group, she probably invests many hours not only at a sewing machine but with an iron in hand as well.

“A high-quality iron or steamer is a must for anyone who enjoys spending time sewing, crafting or quilting and wants her projects to look as professional as possible,” says Barbara Zagnoni, a garment-care expert. “But Mom doesn’t have to sew to be a ‘Queen of Steam.’

“Anyone who takes pride in nicely pressed clothes knows that ironing with a high-performance tool can turn a time-consuming chore into an effortless experience.”