He’s ready to toast the ‘Land of Opportunity’

To the editor:

Mike Povich’s letter regarding Sunset Manor entitled “Sunset Manor Alamo of Democracy” was quite humorous to read, although probably not intentioned that way.

With his apocalyptic and emotional language, Mr. Povich seems to have a very unique sense of what true democracy is and the pursuit of happiness is.

For Mr. Povich, the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen granting the wishes of three-fourths of the property owners in Sunset Manor is contrary to democratic ideals.

For Mr. Povich, receiving an above-market offer for your biggest investment, and then using that money to better your life, is tantamount to communist oppression.

Who is Mr. Povich to claim that he is a “sentry” of American ideals, and that the homeowners who decided to move up in life through Novus’ offer are collaborators in a “perverse transgression” against the United States?

I can make my own decisions about my own property, Mr. Povich. This is the land of the free, after all.

When I am living in a nicer home as a result of the Sunset Manor redevelopment, I will certainly not be toasting Lenin or Mao. I will be toasting the “Land of Opportunity,” the United States.

Dennis Smith

Sunset Hills