He’s not impressed with Avery’s observations

To the editor:

In Bill Milligan’s “My Call,” published in the Sept. 30 issue of the Call, he quotes a lot of comments from state Rep. Jim Avery of Crestwood, who recently was home on leave from Iraq with his National Guard unit.

When Jim Avery came to my home during his campaign to get elected to the Mis-souri Legislature, he was dressed in full “Dress Blues” of the U.S. Marines, even though he had been out of the Marines for nine years.

When asked by me what he felt was the most important issue in his campaign, he replied that he felt it was the fact that his opponent, Mr. (Joseph) Rathert, was an attorney.

He repeated that two times when I ex-pressed my surprise that he felt with all the problems in Missouri, that he felt that was the most important issue in his campaign.

So much for Mr. Avery’s appraisal of anything.

Rick Stirlen

Sunset Hills