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Healthy Living by Carl Hendrickson: Going back to school is a good time to get life advice


Labor Day. The end of summer.  The beginning of school.

Carl Hendrickson

Or, at least it was when I was young.  I’m sure many of you remember not starting school until after Labor Day.

Now that summer has ended and school begun, our oldest grandchild has gone away for his first year of college. Leaving home is both exciting and frightening. New people.  New experiences. New challenges. We’ve all been through this.        

I feel it’s my responsibility to offer him something more precious than gold: Good advice.

As I left high school to venture into the adult world, I realized that my father and mother had provided me with nourishing food, a snug bed and much affection. But they also gave me much more, more precious than gold and more lasting than a sports car. They provided me with the instructions on how to live a happy and successful life. I’ve passed this good advice on to our children and now our grandchildren.

A successful life is built on a three-legged stool. The first leg is listen and seek. Listening to others and seeking advice from those more knowledgeable are extremely helpful tools to have, first with parents and teachers and then professors who have a wealth of knowledge that will be useful in future years.  Listen.  Pay close attention.

Never be afraid to seek assistance.  All successful individuals have mentors. Knowledge is a precious gem that should be sought after.

There is no disgrace in seeking advice and assistance. The disgrace is in failing because you didn’t.

Think before acting is the second leg of the stood. Will you be sorry tomorrow for a deed done today?  Then don’t give into that temptation.

Always take the high road. If you would not want it written up in the newspaper, don’t do it. Think, is this the way you would want another to treat you?  If you would not want to be on the receiving end of an act, it should be avoided.       

Keeping your word and always being honest form the third step of life’s stool.  If you are to have good relationships, there must be trust. Life’s relationships, whether in friendship, the workplace or marriage, are based on trust. Good relationships require trust and honesty.   

Learn to be careful in giving your word.  It should not be given lightly.  But, once a commitment is made, it must be honored. If not, one loses credibility and the trust of others.

It’s good advice if you’re 18, or 80.

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