Health care expansion another phony excuse to steal another freedom

To the editor:

As your recent writer Michele Patterson stated, there are many uneducated, narrow-minded individuals on the subject of contraception as it relates to the recent government mandate — she included.

She states that coverage may be subject to deductibles and co-pays. Birth control, as in the present mandate, is excluded from co-pays or deductibles. Free is free. In rebuttal of a remark by a previous writer, Michele mentions that Viagra is provided to males over 50. Because insurance companies foolishly allow Viagra coverage doesn’t mean that they should compound issues related to sex by giving free birth control, as if a quid pro quo would make this birth control situation acceptable. That being said, the issue is government intrusion in society via religion.

Our government, under the guise of providing services to all women, has opted to tread once again on rights given to us when our country was established. This administration has discovered that it is losing voter segments that were important to it in 2008 — one being the votes of women.

As the “Affordable Care Act” has been a hallmark of this administration, it felt it could “sweeten the pot” by unveiling another “hidden” aspect of this health care program that would appeal to many female voters. Another consideration may be as religious institutions refuse to cooperate with this law, some employees may seek insurance outside their place of employment through individual coverage or health insurance pools provided by the federal government — thereby reaching the government’s real intended goal, eventual universal health care.

What they didn’t anticipate was the “firestorm” unleashed by their arrogance. This recent power grab attempt has not had the desired effect, because the church, which has been lax in the past, has finally “stood for principle” and is seeking dismissal of this law with a vengeance.

Planned Parenthood, supported by taxpayer dollars and other organizations — Komen — provides all women who wish to have free birth control, any number of contraceptive options, even an abortion on demand.

So let’s cut the hype. Birth control is available without the recent government mandate. It can be delivered, not by religious institutions or their insurance companies, but by a shop front displaying the Planned Parenthood logo.

This expansion of health care was just another phony excuse to steal another freedom. Hopefully, this controversy will engage the electorate in a positive way.

Sue Jernigan