‘Hate has gone too far,’ Crestwood official says

To the editor:

In response to the letter from Juanita Solovic, I do apologize for the words used when saying that the people who don’t understand the retrofitting of the current (City Hall) building were uneducated.

I should have carefully said that they were or chose to be uninformed about the building and the passage of Proposition S.

Being the Police Board aldermanic representative for the past six years, I have seen how hard these dedicated residents have worked to get the word out. This great group of hard-working people, coupled with the information in the city newsletter, makes me think that the information was out there for all to read.

It is my hope and prayer that the April general obligation bond Issue being put before the voters of Crestwood is better understood. We have an opportunity to continue providing the top-notch public services and safety that Crestwood residents are accustomed to receiving.

By the way, while I am writing this letter a few things have to be said: 1) This city is very much alive and open for business; 2) It’s still a great place to live, work and play; and 3) When did people become so hateful and full of venom? I understand that politics is an ugly business, but the hate has gone too far.

As residents we should be in this together, which is why the Board of Aldermen debates every issue; it’s why the mayor allows so much public input at meetings; it’s why the city’s Web site has mounds of information. I would venture a guess that it’s why most of the Board of Aldermen ran for office, we’re in this together to make Crestwood a great place.

Once again, if my comments offended anyone, I apologize for the statement and look forward to working with all residents.

Richard Breeding

Crestwood Ward 1 alderman