‘Hard to swallow’ newspaper’s report of superintendent’s pay hike

To the editor:

Wall Street mentality has come to our Mehlville School District.

It was hard to swallow the Call’s April 1 article, which reported Mehlville Superintendent Terry Noble will receive a 24-percent salary hike.

Please, no more baloney from COMPASS II that “it’s for the kids.” It’s time for a new Board of Education if its members think a 24-percent raise is common practice in times like these. As for myself, and likely the majority of your readers, we’re hoping for a 2-percent to 4-percent increase to keep up with inflation.

Mr. Noble said he was humbled by this contract. He should have said he was ashamed that a district with so many financial problems would even consider providing a $44,000 yearly increase — enough to hire another teacher or counselor.

Our property values went down and of course, the Mehlville School District raised the tax rate to make up for the homeowners’ misfortune. Voters approved Prop T in 2008 to provide the much-needed funds for the district and for “the kids.” So where have those millions per year gone?

It is time for the district to be tightening their belt and not expect taxpayers to continue to bail them out.

Rick Olsen