Green Park pundit urges peers to enjoy beauty of new-fallen snow

To the editor:

The recent sleet storm reminds me that the nicest thing about retirement is that on snowy mornings I can wake up, take a peek out the window, see five or six inches of the white stuff, wish the poor people who must get to work a sleepy “good luck,” roll over and go back to sleep.

But what is that God-awful scraping noise?

Another peek out the window shows me that everyone in the neighborhood is shoveling their driveway.

I can understand the youngsters who are still working. They are trying to make house payments and support a family.

They must get to work. But who else do I see out there frantically shoveling as if their lives depended on it?

Who else but the old codgers who are retired just like me?

What’s with these people? What do they think they’re doing?

I’ll tell you what they’re doing. They’re shoveling themselves right into the grave.

Why don’t these old geezers just relax and enjoy the beauty of the new-fallen snow?

Hey, around my neighborhood, we usually lose one pinochle player per snowfall and the Meals-on-Wheels people lose one more customer.

Of course, if these old coots feel they must shovel that snow, the baby boomers should feel very appreciative of the fact they did not hang around long enough to deplete the Social Security fund.

Harvey Meyer

Green Park