Green Park pundit says he avoids Patsy Drive as much as he can

To the editor:

Until I read differently, I thought the horrible traffic problem over there on Patsy Drive was over.

In the Oct. 22 Call, our resident traffic expert says otherwise.

He states that at approximately 2 p.m. there is a “caravan of vehicles” at the corner of Patsy and Marbob.

He goes on to say he has been trying to sell his house so that he can move elsewhere to a place where the traffic is not bumper to bumper, but has had no luck because the prospective buyers complained there is too much traffic.

He states further that way too many people “enjoy the luxury of cutting through on Patsy Drive.”

First off, I don’t consider driving through Patsy Drive a “luxury.” As a matter of fact, I avoid that street as much as I can.

And traffic? Hey, I see more traffic when driving through Jefferson Barracks Cemetery.

So good luck to our traffic expert on selling his house, but finding one with less traffic?

I don’t think so.

Harvey Meyer

Green Park