Green Park pundit questions whether recent missive a letter or a novel

I have just finished reading Michael Broughton’s letter — or was it a novel?— in the Jan. 17 issue of the Call regarding Mr. Broughton’s appeal to Mr. (Jim) Smoot to convince the Busch family — yes, that’s Busch as in brewery — to sponsor the July Fourth fireworks display that would, hopefully, be held at Clydesdale Park.

What a waste of paper and ink.

I have always suspected that Mr. Broughton writes just to see his name in print — not that there is anything wrong with that. I don’t care if his name is in print or not, it’s just that even though I’m retired, I just don’t have time to read most of his letters.

And Mr. Smoot? About the only thing I can remember about that gentleman is that ridiculous barricade he erected — the one that blocked Yuma Drive way back in the days when Green Park was truly a “Clown City.”

Harvey Meyer

Green Park