Green Park needs to take responsibility for its own infrastructure

I just finished reading the recent (June 14) letter about Green Park Road’s woes in the Call.

I would wonder what the local area would be like if the residents of Kirkwood would bar access to Kirkwood Road or the residents of Sappington would bar access to Sappington Road. This is not to mention Ladue Road, Clayton Road, Rock Hill Road, Brentwood Boulevard, Des Peres Road or any other road that just happens to be named after the town it runs through.

There is an old saying — “Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.”

On another subject, Green Park Road was originally built with St. Louis County tax dollars way before the city of Green Park was incorporated in 1995. No one forced the city of Green Park to incorporate itself.

But as a result, the city of Green Park needs to step up and take responsibility for its own infrastructure.

As with every other kind of ownership, if you cannot afford to maintain your own property, you should not have taken the responsibility for it in the first place.

David C. Lowell