Green Park most successful city in south county area, Smoot says

To the editor:

Once again Michael Broughton of Green Park calls his community “Clown City” and recommends a business license for more revenue, though he fails to make a case for what this revenue would be used for.

As former president of the Green Park Chamber of Commerce, I worked with city officials and the small-business owners of the city to adopt a pro-business attitude.

So what is the result of this “free-enterprise” position?

Over the past 24 months, Green Park has added a new Lion’s Choice, Golden Corral Buffet and Grill, QuikTrip, St. Louis Honda and Suntrup Hyundai to the Lindbergh Business Corridor, bringing hundreds of jobs and valued tax revenue to the community.

While attempting to vilify and alienate the hard-working small-business owner, Mr. Broughton apparently believes you can “tax” your way to prosperity.

Mike, where did you get your degree in “Obamanomics”?

Don’t you know that it is you and your neighbors who end up paying for all taxes, licenses and fees as these are always passed on to the consumer?

Keep government out of our pockets and let the free market do its job. Green Park is a wonderful example of capitalism at work and with no business license, no personal property tax and no real estate tax, it is hands-down the most successful city in the south county region.

You should be proud to live in Green Park. Maybe your next recommendation should ask that city officials create a new position of “Town Clown.”

I don’t think they’ll have to go far to fill it.

Jim Smoot

south county