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Green Park mayor needs to serve citizens of his city, reader says

To the editor:

I’d like to comment on the proposed Green Park Road project — Dec. 7 Call, “Two former Ward 2 aldermen contend Green Park officials not responsive to residents.”

The following observations and comments are accurate to the best of my knowledge. If information herein is, in fact, erroneous, I invite Mayor Armstrong or other city officials to respond.

First, the manner in which city officials are handling the proposed road project. In municipalities the size of Green Park, city government is run most efficiently by its citizens via a variety of standing and ad hoc committees.

Committees assure that everyone who wants to be heard on a particular issue is in fact heard. In addition, government by committee assures openness of the political system and an informed citizenry; conditions that do not exist in Green Park.

Please be assured when city officials keep the business of government limited to a select few, you can bet there are some “behind-closed-doors” deals either planned or in progress.

Such dealings rarely benefit the community or its citizens.

Whether the elected officials of Green Park like it or not, the government of the city belongs to its citizens and should be run by them for the benefit of all, not just a select few politicians and/or business people. The business of the city of Green Park needs to come from “behind closed doors” and into the light of day.

Trash collection is basic sanitation and should be funded by government via taxes collected.

There exists no good reason why the city of Green Park should not fund trash collection services for its residents. Other not-so-good reasons may exist.

My understanding is that the final total cost of the Green Park Road project is yet to be determined. Simple math — 2 + 2 — indicates that Mayor Armstrong and his minions won’t approve city-funded trash collection because that money may be needed to fund the cost overruns involved in the road project. It’s trash collection or road project, not both. But why is the mayor so adamant about the road project?

Who will it benefit?

Analysis: Green Park Road needs to be improved, but the proposed project will prove as effective as a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound. The road needs to be reconstructed only when sufficient funds are available to do the job properly, not before. Mayor Armstrong needs to serve the citizens of Green Park and implement city-funded trash collection as soon as possible.

Call City Hall or the mayor and tell ’em what you think.

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park

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